Kirsten Merit
Account Service Director

Kirsten Merit has spent the last two decades immersed in consumer marketing and PR, with a knack for landing in the sweet spot between emerging industries and pop culture.

Kirsten honed her PR skills with upscale travel, culinary and entertainment clients in Los Angeles and San Francisco before diving head first into the world of gaming, first with the wildly popular collectible trading card game Magic: The Gathering, and then in the then fledgling industry of console videogames. Kirsten oversaw PR and marketing activities for the PlayStation I and II consoles and top tier Sony entertainment titles, helping propel the brand from a gamer favorite to a bonafide mainstream entertainment option. She then spearheaded PR and marketing activities for blockbuster entertainment franchises at both Sega and Electronic Arts.

Kirsten now oversees account services for EVB’s cannabis business, concepting and growing brands, creating effective messages to help educate and normalize the category, and building dynamic campaigns that strongly connect with consumers.

A mom of two teenage boys and an excitable dog, Kirsten regularly enjoys the Bay Area’s incredible food, culture and hiking trails, and finds her ultimate happy place on a warm, sunny beach with a cold glass of rosé.